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Where Were You On 9/11? My Story…

With the annual anniversary of 9/11 the popular question always seems to be, “Where were you on 9/11?” I guess it is a somewhat generational question. When I was a boy the question for my parents’ generation was, “Where were you during the attack on Pearl Harbor?” or...

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Who Is “Creating Wealth USA”?

Creating Wealth USA In the world of creative real estate investing without banks, cash or credit we make the transactional transformational through education and impemantation!   Our Vision To train 10,000 people how to produce and share financial freedom so that...

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Fast Nickel or a Slow Dime?

Fast Nickel or a Slow Dime? I never intended to be a "wholesaler".   My goal is to buy any house that makes sense, big or small, ugly or pretty, wood or block, 3/2 or 2/1, multi or single family home - any property that can make a profit of course.  I don't want to...

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A Focused Acquisition Strategy Can Earn Higher Investment Returns (Podcast)

Beginning real estate investors often get caught up in the appeal of high returns. However, the focus on high investment returns can come at the expense of a sustainable exit strategy. A focused acquisition strategy can mean the difference between a profitable investment and a failed one. It is important to consider a seller’s circumstances when making a potential investment deal. By tailoring a deal to fit individual circumstances you have a higher tendency to close. By structuring multiple deals, you can easily see what acquisition strategy works best for your investment goals.

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Practice Makes Perfect? Well, Not Exactly…

Practice Makes Perfect? Well, Not Exactly… When I first began investing in the early 1980’s I did what I thought were all the right things. I read books, listened to tapes and gurus, but for some reason even with all that education behind me I found that I didn’t close as many deals as I thought I should have. Have you ever felt that way?

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Putting Profit in your Pocket Through Probate Properties

Leads are the lifeblood of any business and there are all kinds of ways to generate them. But this way is a guaranteed winner!
Target marketing is how we maximize our marketing dollar by selecting a very specific audience and marketing to them. This means identifying people who most likely need to sell their house. People need to sell their houses quickly for ALL kinds of reasons but one that is often overlooked is when a property is going through (drum roll please)…PROBATE.

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The Secret to Massive Wealth

When I work with new investors I find that most of them are looking to me to provide them the Holy Grail, the single source key for the mother lode.
They ask, “What is the absolute best way to generate leads, or the best script to use. How can I go from broke to filthy rich in 30 days or less?
What is the one secret that if I learn and apply it untold wealth will be mine?”

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Ten No Money Down Techniques to Buy Real Estate

I want to introduce 10 no-money-down techniques (note: no-money-down means none of your money) that you can use alone or in a combination because no two real estate deals are alike.

I encourage you as you read this to think to yourself “how many techniques, how many tools, can I add to my tool belt that will allow me to effectively deal with and profit from every opportunity that comes along?”

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Wholesaling Houses; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

One such property was recently uncovered by one of my students. When we went to look at it I was blown away. Most wholesale properties I have seen have been vacant, this one happened to be occupied up until two days before we inspected it. After having viewed thousands of houses over my investing career I thought I was beyond shock. I was wrong.

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