Creating Wealth USA

In the world of creative real estate investing without banks, cash or credit we make the transactional transformational through education and impemantation!


Our Vision

To train 10,000 people how to produce and share financial freedom so that they are able to donate $100 per week to the charity of their choice and help donate $1 B over the next 20 years.

Road to financial freedom.


Our Mission

To help people create and implement the Love Your Life Lifestyle and Living Legacy Progression Plan. Which results in financial freedom and fulfillment.

We serve financially frustrated business owners and professionals who are tired of swapping hours for dollars and are ready to take back control of their time and income.

Which is all done by implementing a simple 6-Steps to WEALTH System:6-Step WEALTH System

  1. Where are our best prospects?
  2. Evaluate motivation
  3. Analyze the what and why
  4. Lay out alternatives
  5. Teamwork to close the deal
  6. Have an exit for cash or cash flow

Our Core Values

Integrity – Honest dealings in service to our clients, employees and community. To be able to speak the truth on all things without fear of reprisal.

Effectiveness – To be good stewards of all resources including time, money and people. To use our energy to produce the best possible outcomes.

Profitability – To earn a fair monetary profit for the work we do and to grow through building mutually beneficial relationships.

Growth – To constantly and consistently grow our client community in order to help create better and more effective people both as our employees and our clients who will in turn create a better world.

Communication – We seek to listen first and understand our client and employee needs. We seek clarity in our interactions and follow up. Team members will always treat clients, fellow team members and vendors with dignity and respect.

Our Mantras

Take Effective Action.

Play Full Out.

If everything is important, then nothing is.