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How Do I Get A Green Card?

As a result they pay taxes, raise families and become part of the fabric of the USA. Even their kids, at least until they turn 21…then its adios amigo…The family gets split up as their children (who grew up here, pledged allegiance to our flag and played little league or joined the girl scouts) get shipped back to their country of origin. Of course they family can stay together if

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Save Seller Financing – Did You Post Your Comment? Do It Now!

Only a few days remain to post your comment on the proposed rule changes that could be the death knell for seller financing. You can post your here The comments I submitted can be found below:

The SAFE ACT intended to protect consumers from big businesses and I applaud these efforts whenever they accomplish what they set out to do. My concern is when unintended consequences arise and citizens, American property owners as well as future American property owners, can actually be harmed. I am requesting that private individuals be exempted from the proposed rules changes and submit the following comment.

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When Banks Won’t Lend

One of the greatest challenges facing agents, investors and even the general public today is the fact that qualifying for a bank loan has become increasingly difficult, if not down right impossible for many American families. In spite of historically low interest rates many deserving families are being turned away.

What if we didn’t need the bank’s approval? What if there was another way we could help sellers sell and buyers buy? How would that impact your bottom line?

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Best Way to Invest Your Real Estate Profits

Lease options sometimes create real estate profits twice; once when you get your option consideration and once when your tenant/buyer exercises their option and cashes you out. Each of these events can produce a nice check. Whenever you get one of those great, have a plan for it, don’t just let slip through your fingers…you’re in the wealth building busines…s

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Florida Real Estate News from the 2011 Legislative Session…

As an investor in the Florida market what happens in the local legislative arena is as important to me as what happens in our nation’s capitol. here was plenty of real estate related activity in the legislative session that just ended. Property taxes, insurance rate adjustments and more. How does it affect the investor community, the real estate agent community or property owners in general? Just read on…

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What Scares Investors? Part 3 of 3

Didn't we get into this business so we could make money? There’s lots of businesses we can make money with. I’m in this business because I get to help people. I get to help people solve problems with their properties. I get to help people who don’t think they might...

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What Scares Investors? Part 2 of 3

Another fear, and one I experienced during childhood, was fear of being judged. I grew up in one those households where if you brought home a 98, the only question that was asked was, “Did anybody get 100?” The 98 I got right wasn’t nearly as important as the two I...

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Get More Offers Accepted

The key to making money is making offers, right? While that’s certainly part of it, getting offers accepted is what causes the cash to flow! And flow it will if you follow a few simple steps. 1. Whenever possible deal directly with a property owner. Dealing with...

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What Scares Investors? Part 1 of 3

What are the reasons that investors advertise? You may say to get leads, find sellers, find buyers, or to market yourself. Those are all good reasons, but the main reason an investor advertises is to get the phone to ring. Until it rings, we don’t know if there’s...

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Low-Tax States Lure New Residents

NEW YORK – Jan. 28, 2011 – Homeowners may start factoring in taxes more as they pick where to live, particularly as some states’ dramatic tax increases make them less affordable. Some of the states with the largest population gains from the 2010 U.S. Census are also...

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US Homes Most Affordable

Global survey: U.S. homes are most affordable NEW YORK – Jan. 28, 2011 – United States real estate offers a lot of bang for your buck, according to a new survey that shows U.S. homes are the cheapest relative to incomes among English-speaking nations. Australian homes...

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“Outside the Box” Buying Strategies

This past weekend, I was featured on Atlanta News Talk Radio 1160-AM, with North Metro REIA owner Buddy Corbin. We had a good hour of talking about the current state of the economy, ways creative financing can help, and why I believe the individual investor will be...

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