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“You don’t need to trade hours for dollars. With Creating Wealth USA, you can learn to create your own dollars.”
– Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez, age 15, just sold his first property! Here’s how this young investor got his start.


Daniel’s been studying real estate investing with his mom since about age 10.

He’s a bright, energetic student says his real estate investing mentor, Augie Byllott. Daniel’s mom has been bringing him to seminars and workshops for a long time. He now attends many on his own. He is known to ask insightful questions and he always adds to the conversation.

His mom had a rental property she wanted to sell and, to hear Daniel tell it, it was tough to find good comps. (Comps are comparable properties with which to establish a sale value.)

The idea was that if someone needed bank financing appraisals would be needed. It was anybody’s guess as to what the value might be. So instead, they thought that seller financing might be an option. Daniel’s first job was to find a buyer.

How Daniel Closed His First Real Estate Sale

Without wasting any time, Daniel started flapping his gums and networking to locate a buyer.

Over the summer, Daniel got accepted into a program at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. Where he talked with a couple of college students and asked if they, or anyone they know would be interested in buying a property in Orlando, and to give him a call if so.

Well the long and the short of it is that these college students had a big Instagram following and announced the opportunity to their followers. Somehow the word got to a couple in Michigan who contacted Daniel’s mom because Daniel doesn’t carry a cell phone when he’s in school.

Daniel’s Mom started the negotiation. Together they offered the buyer’s seller financing, with a solid down payment. This facilitated the purchase and will increase the profit on the property because of the interest they will earn.

Real Estate Investor

When I asked Daniel if there were any snags, he said, yes. They almost lost the deal because the buyers were a mature but unmarried couple. The woman was concerned about what would happen if her partner were to pre-decease her.

This is where Daniel’s training came into full play. Daniel told her that a land trust could be the perfect solution. When properly structured, the land trust could help them avoid a probate situation and ensure that the couple’s wishes would be honored. (Learn more about Land Trusts here.)

The deal closed, a healthy down-payment was received, the couple got their new home and Daniel is looking for his next deal!

And his mom — she’s smiling from ear to ear and extremely proud of her son.  And I have to say, so are we!

Here’s what Daniel had to say about Creating Wealth USA

“Teaches people to become independent.”

“You don’t need to trade dollars for dollars, with Creating Wealth USA, you can learn to create your own dollars.”

“You don’t have to works for someone else and you can do really well.”

Ok, so the million-dollar question is this: if a 15-year-old can do this, what’s stopping you?

And a great big, CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel!!!