You are your most valuable asset.”

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Reach your lifestyle goals through Real Estate.

Understanding Real Estate changed my life and I know it can change yours as well.

Let me ask you this:

Are you leading the life you always dreamed of?
Do you have the flexibility to make the choices you want in your life.
Do you enjoy the time you want to spend with your family, your children and for yourself?
What if I told you…that you can build a business that brings you monthly cash income and grows your wealth, even if you’re starting out part-time?

Welcome to the Creating Wealth family.

You’ve landed on the home of Creating Wealth USA. And you’re certainly in the right place if you need more flexible time in your life, are looking to get out of the rat race, and to feel in more control and if you’re truly ready to make money, a difference in your world and to do what you love.

What you’re going to find here is a comprehensive sharing of our training that is focused around one central theme… and that that’s becoming a transaction engineer.

You might ask, “well Augie, what the heck is a transaction engineer, and why would we focus on this?”

Two main reasons:

#1. As transaction engineers in real estate we build transactions from the ground up in order to create win/win deals for our sellers and our buyers. Whether we’re wholesaling, rehabbing and retailing, buying notes, or renting properties we need to be prepared to be creative.

#2. If you want to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition you need an edge, another model, a new way of thinking about money and real estate.  Transaction engineering is that edge…it does things we as regular people working within the conventional system can’t do.  And It allows us to earn solid profits while helping buyers and sellers.

What most people don’t realize is that becoming a transaction engineer will translate directly into the life that you get to lead.

So let’s design a life that you love, shall we?

Please enjoy all we have to share on this site, from Finding and Acquiring properties, to negotiating with Sellers, to choosing different buy-and-exit strategies, and all the tools in between.  We have taken the time to cover all the basis and are adding to education here on a weekly and sometime daily.
In addition, I encourage you take advantage of my FREE Book you see to the right here on this page.  

In it I share one of the most powerful strategies of finding, acquiring and maximizing a real real estate investment.  And doing it FAST.  I share with you simple, quick and easy strategies that we used to turn our real estate investing efforts into profitable businesses earning consistent FIVE FIGURE ($10,000.00) and above MONTHLY incomes.

You will also receive our 9-Day Crash Course on NO-Bank Financing. These will both get you on the fast track to becoming a transaction engineer.

Here’s to your business and financial success.

To your success,


Augie Byllott

What members of the Community are saying…

What I love is that in the Creating Wealth community, everyone has the same mindset and integrity level. It’s great being a part of everything. Surrounding yourself with the right group is very important. The process and systems that Creating Wealth teaches are crucial to success. They give you a step by step blueprint. So take it step by step and trust the process. It’s helped me and my business immensely!

Gary Pendergast

Full Time Real Estate Investor

My husband and I started out a year ago after a TV show “free” seminar and we made no progress with realtors and the MLS in the first 3 months. Then Creating Wealth and their systems changed everything!

In the last 12 months with Creating Wealth’s support we’ve closed more than one deal a month (creatively financed too) and we are constantly increasing our goals to the highest level! Their programs jumpstarted our real estate goals faster than we could have imagined!

Alexa Michna

Full Time Real Estate Investor

Before I became a part of the Creating Wealth community I was struggling to make my first deal, I was timid talking to Sellers and never quite knew how to put deals together.
As a mom with a 3 year old and a 15 month old I have now completed the buy, rehab and sell process for over 20 properties and now average over 1 property acquisition per month… all this part-time and holding babies on my hip. In my experience, professional coaching is the best and fastest way to get to the next level.
I swear by the Creating Wealth system and am so proud to be part of this community.

Kari Lyke

Full Time Mom and Investor