Love Your Life, Live Your Legacy

Deals, are what we as Real Estate Investors do on a regular basis. But among the greatest things about becoming an effective and successful investor is the fact that we impact people; families who may be struggling with the property, a job loss, illness or something else. But when we help a family and generate a profit, everyone wins and we are changing lives.

I’ve been teaching the philosophy of “win-win or no deal” ever since I learned it decades ago. However, there’s another one that’s even better and that is win-win-win. That’s right, there are times when more than two parties can win. That’s what the Love Your Life, Live Your Legacy Progression Plan is all about.

Investors Wanting to Change Lives

It begins when we learn to consistently make the money necessary to support our desired lifestyle, but most people want much more. We also want the opportunity to have a fulfilling life and that comes when we get to serve others. Yes, we do it in our business helping people in our community sell unwanted homes. Even helping families purchase homes creatively when the banks won’t step in and help out.

I’m happy to report, that last month I had the privilege to lead a group of investors and some of the children on a wheelchair distribution trip to the country of Guatemala. It was an amazing experience. Tears of sadness and tears of joy laughter love, hugs and more than anything smile’s. New relationships are a stab list and other relationships strengthened.

What made this trip so special was that it was the result of seeds planted almost a year ago. Last year, at our October Intensive event I asked a group of investors if they would help raise enough money to buy 50 wheelchairs. With great generosity they responded and we were able to purchase over 200 wheelchairs. This led me to make some follow-up calls to raise an additional $12,000, and combined we were able to purchase and donate an entire container load which consisted of two 180 wheelchairs which were distributed in Guatemala.

It was amazing to watch the interaction between our team and the people of Guatemala. We also worked in conjunction with the Rotary club of Guatemala City, our local partner in Florida, Chair the Love, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and the Wheelchair Foundation, founded by Mr. Ken bearing. Their mission is to give the gift of mobility by providing a wheelchair to every person in the world who cannot afford or doesn’t have access to a chair.

Since their beginning almost 20 years ago, they have distributed over 1.2 million wheelchairs around the world. There is still a gap worldwide of about 7 million chairs and the amazing thing is that $150 not only can change the life of one person who needs a chair, but the entire family of that disabled person. I was moved to see families carrying in their loved ones to receive their chairs. There were tears of joy, relief, gladness, and an amazing amount of love as each person received their new chair.


Chairing the Love… Wheelchairs


I’m hoping that you the person reading this will join us and helping to provide mobility to more people. Who knows? You may even decide to join us and one of our next distribution trips.

I am laying down a challenge to the entire real estate investing community, and inviting every investor to donate at least one wheelchair per deal for the next 12 months. It may sound corny, but I’m calling it the Wheel Estate Challenge! Every time you close a deal just consider that little $150, the cost of one chair delivered to a person in need, as a deal expense. It’s completely tax-deductible and you get the joy of changing someone’s life, really changing someone’s life. They say it’s tough to make a difference in this world. Maybe that’s true but for $150 you can change the future of an entire family.

To contribute you can go to www.CreatingWealthUSA/wheelchair and donate online. You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation to present to your tax preparer. If you prefer you can mail a check payable to Chair the Love and mark Creating Wealth USA-donation and mail it to 122 East Lake Ave., Longwood, FL, 32750.

Our goal is to distribute at least two containers in the next 12 months. I’d really appreciate your help. Do you want to do more deals, change more lines and help Chair the Love? This is a great business!

Read more about our efforts to Chair the Love here!