What does King Solomon have to do with real estate investing?  Not much or maybe everything.  In his day he owned the biggest house on the block.   He was also the biggest commercial  builder/developer in his market.  He had a crew of over 180,000; 30,000 laborers, 70,000 bearers, 80,000 quarrymen and 3,600 construction supervisors.   His work on the first temple in Jerusalem was reportedly a sight to behold.  You can read about it in 1Kings Chapters 5-8.  It’s impressive. Besides being Trump-like in his real estate development Solomon was a prolific writer and composer.   Moreover he was known for his great wealth and wisdom.

While reviewing a video clip from a recent PACT coaching workshop I saw the opening quote.  It was attributed to him; “Whoever loves instruction, loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.”  This quote appears in the Book of Proverbs among a great collection of other wisdom.  What really strikes me about this quote is that it is painfully blunt and it also challenges the status quo.  Many would be real estate investors don’t think they need learn anything else.   They fail to recognize the fact that specialized knowledge can make a huge difference in their profitability.

Now according to Solomon himself, instruction creates knowledge and using that knowledge is what made him the wealthiest monarch of his time.  That wisdom and insight  worked for him 3000 years ago and it can work for you today!  Superior results are based in the right application of specialized knowledge.  Getting objective feedback is what answers the questions, “Am I getting the right knowledge and, Am I using it effectively?”  Correction is critical to making the most of one’s learning.  Where do you go for feedback?  Who holds you accountable?   Solomon had Proverbs, Wisdom, and Smarts.  He also had a great variety of advisors available to him.  If he could handle feedback, I guess I can too…how about you?

To your success…


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