There is an old adage that rings true as much today as ever. The five “P”s…Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Planning is a foundational element of successful business management. In the PACT mentoring program (Personal Action Coaching Tracks) we focus on planning your work and working your plan to create wealth through real estate. If you aren’t achieving your financial goals in the best market we’ve had in a generation, then maybe you need a coach to get you moving in the right direction. Many real estate investors have attended seminars, invested in books, tapes, CDs and DVD and still can’t seem to make it work. You’re motivated, you’re excited and you just don’t know where to begin. Isn’t it time to find out?

The PACT Program looks at the business as being four phases of growth.

Phase 1: In the first phase we focus on fundamentals; learning how to plan and execute. We establish a plan and learn to work with sellers, buyers and tenants effectively.

Phase 2: In the second phase we develop structured business management and marketing for building consistent cash flow.

Phase 3: In order to enjoy our new found prosperity in phase three it is time to add some help in the form of assistants, and outsourcing for services. This allows you to manage the business more than you work in it.

Phase 4: In the last phase we focus on managing your wealth. This, after all, is a money business and when you are at this level your money is making money and a new series of opportunities present themselves; including notes and mortgages, leveraged debt, financial structuring, estate planning and taxation.

As our business grows so will our opportunities and responsibilities. Are you prepared? We need to be prepared for success because if we aren’t, it can fade away as quickly as it comes, assuming it comes at all.

In the PACT  Program we focus on putting the pieces together. Isn’t it time for you to take your business to the next level? Our next group will begin in January of 2009 and applications for candidacy are now being accepted and space is limited. For more information contact me via the contact page.