They say it takes money to make money

We’ve all heard that old saying, but is it true? Absolutely NOT!

Are you ready to create the life of your dreams? Tired of swapping hours for dollars?  

How would it feel to be financially free?

Imagine having all the money you need to buy investment properties. All you need is Intellectual Capital; it’s more valuable than cash and more effective then credit. Intellectual capital is a completely renewable resource that you will never run out of because once you have it, no one can ever take it away from you. You can’t outspend it and it cannot be stolen from you. It’s what the best investors are using to build their own economies. You can, TOO!

The Ultimate Creative Financing System shows the investor how to purchase properties by leveraging what’s between their ears rather than their cash or credit.

There are many different ways to structure real estate transactions that don’t require you to reach into your own pocket or putting your personal credit at risk.

My name is Augie Byllott, and I have developed a program that shows you one of the most affordable ways to quickly add nice, clean, good-looking properties to your real estate portfolio.

You see, this is something I specialize in. Every day, I help people who want to buy real estate without investing a lot of their own cash to learn these insider techniques.

These are proven methods that can put real money in your pocket now, and create the potential to add thousands more to your bottom line in the future.

Even if you don’t have cash or credit, I can show you strategies to buy a virtually limitless supply of investment properties without banks or credit.

Plus, I’ll show you how to sell properties quickly while extracting the most profit…even in today’s market!

Learn Different Option Techniques to CONTROL PROPERTY

These will give you the rights to profit from a property. Imagine using a lease to control the income streams safely, securely and with minimal risk on a property that you don’t own!

These techniques are tried and true and can make you a deal-creating machine. Whether you’re an investor or a real estate agent who wants to close more deals for your clients, this is the program for you!

Don’t risk your hard-earned dollars before you discover how to acquire real estate with little or no money down!

Learn the secrets of how to buy properties with hardly any cash out of your own pocket by taking over payments!

How to instantly turbo-charge your real estate profits without using huge chucks of cash or impacting your credit!

Imagine picking up properties easily while prices are at historic lows. 

Imagine doing it with hardly any cash out of your own pocket (while most people are struggling to raise money or find financing) and not having to use your credit, either! If you could discover a simple and effective way to start building your real estate fortune, even if you are cash-strapped or credit-challenged, then this will be the most life-changing letter you have ever read.

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s easier than you might think. Today, lending standards are stiff and getting bank financing is harder than ever. Creative financing can be the solution to increasing your deal flow and increasing your profits.

Here’s why so many other investors swear by this course. You will learn tools, tips and techniques for structuring irresistible offers that get accepted because you are not limited to only buying low and selling high to make money.

Imagine not having to fight for only the low hanging fruit. You have the pick of the entire orchard.


  • Learn from actual deals
  • Learn how to negotiate low or even no interest seller financing
  • Leverage creative buying techniques to stretch your dollar further
  • Understand the ins and outs of working with private lenders
  • Learn to use creative financing on both sides of the transaction
  • How to use equity participation arrangements to fund your deals
  • Decide between your investment options
  • Create multiple-choice offers to attract and keep the best deals
  • Negotiate using win-win communication techniques

The “Ultimate Creative Financing System” will teach you how to buy property with little or no money down.

It’s true! It also shows you how to sell for maximum profit and explode your business by taking control back from the banks. Creative real estate techniques have been around for many years and in a tight credit market, they are once again in vogue and can make you very, very wealthy.

This course will come to you on a series of 60-minute audio CDs and DVDs; this allows you to listen to the tutorials while driving in your car or working around your house, or you can watch a live presentation of the material. You’ll get the scripts and tools to create multiple offers that will have your clients lining up to do business with you.

I’ve seen real estate investors sink all of their hard-earned dollars into a few deals, and then hit a wall. They feel like they can’t invest in any more deals because all of their cash is tied up. I want to help people get out of this situation (or avoid it entirely!).

Let me ‘Quick Start’ you on the road to success by showing you how to cut your acquisition cost, develop multiple exit strategies, and dramatically increase the profitability of your real estate investment business. This is the acquisition technique that national gurus charge THOUSANDS of dollars to teach!

Don’t risk your hard-earned dollars before you discover how to acquire real estate deals with little or no money down!

Student Success Stories

Kari Lyke replaced her $60,000 income..

as a physical therapist in her first YEAR after being apart of the Creating Wealth Family.

Her Mommy Buys Houses business has allowed her to build a big future so she and her family can travel the world, do missions work and give her children a broader world view, not one that’s delivered by CNN or the evening news.

Christa Hixon built an income stream in excess of $12K a month whether she works or not.

Now she volunteers at the local zoo, has started a cat rescue program and is now developing a children’s martial arts and fitness school.

She has truly achieved financial freedom by putting these methods to use from this program

Gordon and Cherie's Retirement has grown 10x...

They started this business after joining the Creating Wealth Family together only THREE years ago.

Now after a number of in depth fix and flips, they have a legacy for their family that they can be proud of.

The audio and companion workbook will cover the following concepts

Techniques for buying houses by partnering with the seller as your bank
How to find private lenders and help them meet your needs as well as theirs
Negotiating low interest seller financing
Selling houses fast with seller financing
Using wrap mortgages to keep good financing in place
What exactly it means to develop and use your Intellectual Capital
Simple explanations for various creative techniques
How to overcome seller objections so you can close deals quickly and with more profit
Learn how all the pieces come together and common pitfalls to avoid
How to protect your assets so that all of your hard work pays off for years to come!

10 Years From Now Will You Be Saying,

“I’m Glad I Did…”


“I Wish I Had?”