Imagine that you had the tools and knew how to profit from real estate you don’t even own? Better yet, what if you could do away with the toilets, tenants, termites and trash and still profit from houses you do own? What would it mean if you could work only with quality houses in desirable neighborhoods?

This program covers how to control nice homes in nice neighborhoods without using lots of your own cash or credit – this technique is especially important in a tight credit market. By learning to control real estate, rather than simply owning it, you can generate excellent profits while minimizing your risk. This opens up an even larger market of prospects on both the buying and selling side of the transaction.

In Creating Wealth With Lease Options you will discover a low-risk way to build a fortune profiting on real estate bargains you can control for pennies on the dollar. You don’t have to fight with every other investor in your market; you can cut your own niche rather than fighting for scraps.

Usually I only teach these insider techniques to a very limited number of students every year. Students like Joe, a local bartender. Most investors would have struggled to succeed with similar circumstances—long night hours and a tight budget—but by the techniques he learned in this course, he was able to overcome all of that and control $1,000,000 in property with only $200 out of his own pocket! Is Joe’s story typical? Some people do even better but most people do nothing because they never take action.

If you widen your net using Lease Options, you can buy and sell properties a lot quicker. By knowing what to do, you can put real money in your pocket, adding thousands to your annual income. Just like Joe.


  • Buy properties without cash or credit
  • Sell quickly, even in a tight market!
  • Maximize cash flow while minimizing taxes
  • Use the most effective evaluation methods and exit strategies
  • Learn how to make and present multiple offers
  • Negotiate like a pro
  • Use the right agreements, clauses and terms
  • Become a long-term investor without becoming a landlord

The “Creating Wealth with Lease Options” course will teach you how to get in at the right price and get out with a profit. There is more than one way to win, and I will walk you through your choices step-by-step.

Because, there are a lot of ‘experts’ out there telling people how to do it wrong. Your investing career can be a disaster and could even bankrupt you if you attempt to learn these techniques by the school of hard knocks. I’ve already made all the mistakes myself, and discovered how to be successful. Let me shortcut your learning curve by half. (Still have all of the forms reviewed by your lawyer!)

I am a big believer in continuing education and I attend many seminars. This course was one of the best I have ever taken. Augie’s skills are effective and his material is truly excellent. I would highly recommend Augie Byllott to anyone.
Joe Ball

Orlando, Florida


This course will come to you on our online campus because this allows you to listen to the tutorials while driving in your car or working around your house.

One of the modules includes 15 of the forms I personally use, accompanied by an hour-long instructional audio CD showing you how to complete and use each form (it’s like I’m sitting right there with you!).

  • Learn how Lease Options give you leverage as an investor so you can acquire more properties with less cash…and set up a back-end payday worth smiling about!
  • Identify the ideal type of property for a Lease Option (you won’t waste a minute of your time targeting the wrong type of house with this tip!)
  • You will become a Transaction Engineer and explode your earning potential
  • Avoid ‘ugly’ homes that require your hard-earned time and money. Most instructors will tell you to seek out junkers, but when using Lease Options, you get to deal with ‘pretty’, retail-ready homes!
  • A plain-English explanation of what an Option is
  • Learn how to use the rarely-taught strategy of “Sandwich Options” (this segment alone is worth the entire cost of the course!)
  • Target and locate properties that will sell like hotcakes
  • Pre-screen your leads so that you only work with the cream of the crop and keep the tire-kickers away
  • Eye-opening advice on how to construct irresistible offers that put the feeling of control squarely in your prospect’s hand (while YOU still call all the shots!)
  • The simple piece of advice that ensures you can close quickly and minimize unwanted surprises
  • The correct way to explain the entire process to your buyers and sellers. If you do this wrong, your good intentions could actually destroy your deal!
  • Innovative (and simple) ways to market the property so that it flies of the shelf long before your competition


The forms module contains:

  • Option to Purchase contract
  • Lease with Option to Purchase Contract
  • Notice of Option
  • Residential lease
  • Execution of Option to Purchase
  • Extension of Option form
  • Purchase and Sale Revision
  • Seller Property Disclosure
  • Assignment of Option to Purchase
  • Minimum criteria checklist
  • Selling on Lease Option checklist
  • Buying with Option to Purchase checklist
  • Tenant, property and transaction checklist
  • Florida State Statutes

PLUS, a bonus checklist to make sure you’ve covered all your bases and haven’t forgotten anything!


Many courses teach you to buy properties, but once you have it, what’s next? This program excels at walking you exactly through what to do, step-by-step, just like if I was there with you, but without the high price tag.

You don’t need to be a master negotiator or real estate genius. Anyone can succeed in this business, regardless of age, gender, background or education level. I have worked with people from all walks of life, from high school students to physicians and many folks in between. Using the tools I offer, you can get started quickly and begin churning out profits in a matter of weeks, not years (as with other courses). Your new Lease Option business will take shape before your eyes.

Just imagine the thrill of going to bed a week from today, knowing you’ve secured a valuable property for pennies on the dollar with hardly any money out of your own pocket.