Buying Houses Subject-To

What would it be like if you had all the money you need to buy investment houses? 

How would your business look if you didn’t have to worry about paying off the old loan and replacing it with a new one when you buy? 

Buying Houses Subject To shows the investor how to purchase properties using existing financing, avoiding the need for new loans and never putting your personal credit at risk.

In this course, you will learn how to build a sizable portfolio with minimal cash-out-of pocket by acquiring properties and taking over payments. Additionally, this program introduces land trusts and asset protection; necessary elements to protect your growing portfolio.

Don’t risk your hard-earned dollars before you discover how to acquire real estate deals with little or no money down! Learn how to instantly turbo-charge your real estate profits without using huge chucks of cash or impacting your credit!

Imagine picking up properties easily while prices are still low and while most people are struggling to raise money or find financing, you’ll be buying! If you could discover a simple and effective way to start building your real estate fortune, even if you are cash-strapped or credit challenged, then this course could be the most life-changing.

Even if you don’t have cash or credit, I can show you strategies to buy a virtually limitless supply of investment properties without banks or credit. Plus, I’ll show you how to sell properties quickly while extracting the most profit.

Does it sound too good to be true?

It’s easier than you might think. Today, lending standards are stiff and getting bank financing is harder than ever. Creative financing can be a challenge because many homeowners are over-leveraged.

Even when it’s a buyer’s market, people still need to sell their house and there is no faster way to take control of a property than using this technique. If you can widen your net as a buyer with “Subject-To” transactions, where you simply take over a seller’s house payment, you can build your portfolio much quicker. Knowing what to do can put real properties in your asset column, adding tens of thousands to your net worth.

Here’s why so many other investors swear by this course. You will discover the basics to consider before you begin or expand your “Subject-To” business, learning how to:

  • Identify the “profit pockets” where money can be made in each deal
  • Leverage creative buying techniques to stretch your dollar further
  • Understand the ins and outs of the “Subject-To” process
  • Make an informed decision regarding the ‘Due on Sale’ clause
  • How to market your business for an endless supply of leads
  • Successfully prescreen and identify the best prospects
  • Decide between your investment options
  • Create multiple-choice offers to attract and keep the best deals
  • Negotiate using win-win communication techniques

The “Subject-To” course will teach you how to buy property with little or no money down. It’s true! People really will give you their house and let you take over their payments. Creative real estate techniques have been around for many years and can make you very wealthy.

So, What Exactly What Will You Learn With This Course?

This course will come to you on five 60-minute audio CDs; this allows you to listen to the tutorials while driving in your car or working around your house. Plus, you’ll get the same paperwork I personally use on my exclusive forms disc, with everything you need to get the deal done. These are forms I’ve spent countless dollars and hours perfecting. Now, you can benefit from years of effort and investment!

Not only that, I’ve included a step-by-step audio explaining how to fill out every form…it’s like I’m in the room with you!

I’ve seen real estate investors sink all of their hard-earned dollars into a few deals, and then hit a wall. They feel like they can’t invest in any more deals because all of their cash is tied up. I want to help people get out of this situation (or avoid it entirely!). Let me ‘Quick Start’ you on the road to success by showing you how to cut your acquisition costs, develop multiple exit strategies, and dramatically increase the profitability of your real estate investment business. This is the acquisition technique that national gurus charge THOUSANDS of dollars to teach!

The audio CDs will cover the following concepts:

  • What exactly does it means to take a property “Subject-To”
  • How to market your business; getting the word out so motivated sellers will contact YOU.
  • How to prescreen and weed out the unmotivated sellers, helping you find good “Subject-To” prospects. Find out which sellers will boost your income and stop wasting your time.
  • The simple explanation for what it means to ‘get the deed’
  • How to overcome seller objections so you can close deals quickly and with more profit.
  • What to do once you have a contract.
  • Feel confident knowing you have all the steps needed to get the deal closed. Learn how all the pieces come together and common pitfalls to avoid.
  • How to protect your assets so that all of your hard work pays off for years to come.
  • How to cash out the property so you can move on to bigger and better deals
  • Simple (and necessary!) steps to protect both you and the homebuyer!

Don’t risk your hard-earned money before you discover how to acquire real estate deals with little or no money down. Learn the secrets of how to buy properties with hardly any cash out of your own pocket by taking over payments!