Do you spend time doing things?  If you do, it could be costing you money, big money.   Think about wealthy people, do they stay wealthy by spending money?  They make money by investing; preserving their capital and making it grow.  When it comes to your most valuable currency, your time, are you a spender or an investor?  Are your thoughts and actions in line with achieving your goals?  Here are a few tips to change the way you leverage your time and talent that just might explode your results!

Examine the things you choose to do and ask, “are they moving me toward or away from my goals?”  It’s easy to fool your self unless you are willing to be fully responsible for your results!  This is where the rubber meets the road to success and a good reason to consider a coach or accountability partner to provide you objective feedback.  So do like the wealthy and invest in yourself before you find yourself spent!

To your success…


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