Hi folks,

The election is over and soon the holidays will be upon us. Its the time of year when many people begin to slow down. Just like in the old poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas when it goes, “ mama in her kerchief and I in my cap, had just settled down for a long winter’s nap.” If that’s you this time of year…then WAKE UP…this is the best time of year to find those last few awesome deals!

I don’t know about you but I’m not a big fan of shopping (unless its for houses) but I always get a little excited when I see the sign SALE because I love a good deal. Well friends, we’re just in time for the year end sale on bank owned real estate, short sale properties, defaulted mortgages and equity of all shapes and sizes. This is the time to press on and press hard. Once the year is over banks will have less urgency to close deals with generous discounts, they’ll become less flexible…so now is the time for TEA…Taking Effective Action! Go for it and you’ll definitely have a merrier Christmas!

It’s time to line up your private lenders and go shopping! Those bells you’ll be hearing won’t be from Santa’s sleigh, they’ll be from your cash register going cha…ching! Wouldn’t a couple of nice cash flow properties look good in your Christmas stocking? You get to choose! Is it time for a long winter’s nap? Or time to get out there and do some year end bargain hunting? It’s your wealth!!

Til next time…to your success,

PS My coaching students have the full court press on to maximize their effectiveness and have a strong close for 2008 and set up an awesome 2009! For information on Personal Action Coaching Track (PACT), please contact me.