Alexa Michna from Alexa Buys Houses is our featured guest on #playingfullout this week! Alexa is a successful real estate investor in Central Florida whose mission is to solve real estate needs for people in all sorts of situations.

It doesn’t stop there! Alexa also has a tremendous sales background that started from a very young age and was heavily influenced by her rockstar entrepreneurial mother (shout out to GP Pizz) who ran several businesses while raising Alexa.

Alexa turned the tables and parlayed her amazing sales skills into running a topnotch real estate investment business that has afforded her a life of financial freedom and flexibility with her time. For Alexa though, what feeds her soul the most is helping others. She understands that people come first and has made this a pillar of how she not only runs her businesses but also her life. Wherever Alexa goes, you will surely know what she does and how she can help you–these are personal drivers that have made Alexa a gravitational force when she is the ROOM so to speak.

She isn’t afraid to share her knowledge, successes, failures and REAL advice for all those who will listen!


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#9 – Playing Full Out with Alexa Michna
Playing Full Out

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