Special guest Christa Hixon is in this episode of Playing Full Out! This amazing woman has done it all in real estate and because of real estate has been able to dive deep into her passions with no bars hold ’em.

Christa has built her real estate portfolio from the height of the market into the crash. Christa’s real estate investment growth significantly slowed down so she decided to join Augie Byllott’s PACT Coaching Program to help her get back on her feet. With the guidance from that program, she was able to continue purchasing real estate while all the houses were on “sale” during the market crash, including a 13 unit commercial plaza, and continues to hold them to this day.

She has experience with home renovation, buying subject-to, buying with master lease options, selling with lease purchases, landlording, land trusts, and buying using her IRA.

While enjoying the cash flow of her current properties, Christa decided to open a different kind of business- a martial arts studio that is standing on its own and bringing much fulfillment to Christa.

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#6 – Playing Full Out with Christa Hixon
Playing Full Out

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