Steven is a tremendous example of someone who used the adversity he experienced early in life to fuel great success for himself. Not only is Steven a remarkable steward of life and inspiration to many, but he is also faithfully guided and it shows in his humility and passion to serve others! Listen in as he shares his story; a true rags to riches story.

Who is Steven VanCauwenbergh?

Steven is a landlording Phenom…at 46, he owns over 250 units, which he runs hands-off with a combination of people and technology. Steven believes building wealth is all about the ROI (Return on Investment), making your money work for you instead of just stock-piling it and hoping it will be enough to retire you. As with any type of investing there is risk involved in being a real estate guru. But it has been Steven’s experience that the benefits far outweigh the risks. To coin a phrase that has been around for a while  Steven says “JUST DO IT!”

He’s built his empire with real estate investments and he loves this business!

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#12 – Playing Full Out with Steven Van Cauwenbergh
Playing Full Out

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